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Hey All,

My Armada continues to chug along with a few periodic hiccups including this one that you may encounter. My driver side window recently died without warning. No slow rise, no stuttering or sticking and no odd sounds. I rolled it down and it just wouldn't react to the switch inputs. All other windows were fine.

After a quick search online I started to explore and then fix and thought I should add to the body of knowledge online and in this forum in particular although I suspect this experience and fix are shared by many brands and models of vehicles.

Anyway long story short is that I removed the window regulator with the motor attached. Then removed the motor and the exterior casing of the motor to expose the motor armature and gear shaft for the worm gear that moves the window up and down.

The inside of the motor was caked up with carbon dust and grease from the gears. I simply and patiently cleaned the motor out using 90% alcohol, qtip swabs, a toothbrush, some emery cloth and an air compressor then reassembled and re-connected to the wiring harness to test it - along with reconnecting the switch assembly to its harness to actuate the motor. The motor worked like a champ - so I cleaned the regulator added some dry lube and reinstalled everything and the window functions good as new! Additionally, for some reason, the cables on my regulator looked great - no fraying whatsoever. I added plenty of dry lube on the wires, pulleys, etc too.

I don't know what the dealership would have charged to fix the window, but I priced a regulator and motor from a Nissan parts supply house and found them to be pretty pricy so with labor at a dealer - I bet this effort saved me quite a few bucks.

The project was not very difficult so although it looks kinda intimidating, don't be dissuaded from attempting it. Good videos exist online including this one that I saw that encouraged me to try cleaning up the motor:

A few pics of the process and my motor below.

Cheers to the Armada nation! (180k miles and counting!)

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