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Regarding the door adjustment...coincidentally there is a TSB to fix wind noise at the upper corner location that you described the rattle coming from. For the wind noise they insert a 1/4 inch thick piece of foam underneath the outer rubber door seal. Sounds like the only was to fix is to adjust the door in at the loop as 92TripleBlack stated or to replace the door seal. However, the seal will eventually scrunch down permanently again and you'll be back to square one!
I would think the adjustment would be great as long as the door remains flush on the outside (or not noticeable).

As for the front end hop...I believe the travel of the wheels (springs/shocks)is inhibited by the massive sway bar. Mine jumps all over the place. The only fix I would try on this would be swapping out the shocks with ones that dampen both the Edelbrock IAS brand.
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