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4WD light on - Vehicle down for weeks

We bought our '04 and within 5 miles of leaving the dealership the 4WD warning light came on (We were in 2WD mode). It goes on and off. Changing from 2WD to Auto to 4 HI makes no difference.

We took it back to the dealer and they said they could not find a problem. We took it to another dealer and they said it was a bad switch - order part and wait.

Switch was replaced and off we drive and within 5 miles, the light comes on again (obviously they don't check their work). We turn around a go back and schedule a time to leave the vehicle.

We drop off the vehicle on Thursday 1/12/05 and haven't seen it since. Nissan "downed" the vehicle due to a bad transfer case. There were delays in getting a new part in and it finally arrived 1/25 - damaged. Now another transfer case is on backorder till 2/7/05.

We bought the car used (10K miles) on 12/11/04. When we expect to get it back on 2/11/05, Nissan will have had our car in their shop for about 40 days of the 2 months of our ownership. It has been in 5 times for a number of reasons. I will post details on out dealings with Nissan. I would recommend taking the vehicle in if the 4WD light is on - it may be a real problem.
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