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Dual Exhaust Pics

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I have had a couple of fellow Mada lovers ask me to post pics of my dual exhaust from underneath so they could see how close the dual pipe comes to the spare tire. The shop I went to knew what to do to combat the heat of the pipe, they wrapped it so the heat wouldnt transfer to the spare and bust it. It is VERY close but I have had NO issues with it. I have taken long trips also (Tx, Vegas) where I was driving all day and I still havent had any problems. Hopefully these pics will help all of you wanting duals out. Oh, I have a Flowmaster 70 series system. :rolleyes:


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what size piping did they use, and hows the sound of the 70 series, any back presure, thanks
im planning on getting exhaust soon i might get the flowmaster
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