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DVD and Gas Gauge

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Hello everyone, I am a new member and posting for the first time. I searched your database before posting. Two questions
1- Does anyone have a problem with the DVD not resuming after the vehicle is turned off and then restarted (returning to the part of the movie when you turned the suv off originally)?

2- Gas gauge; No matter how much gas I put in my Armada, the gauge never hits full, only about 7/8's only.

Thank you for your help.
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About the gas gauge

I was going to post on this today as well. I have filled up three times now and no matter how much I try to force in, the gauge only reads ~7/8th full.
After driving around a little yesterday it finally went to just barely under full but that is the best I have gotten. Oh, BTW, mine is an 04 also so it may not be just an 05 issue.

I think I will tell the dealer the next time I am in and see what they say.
Good luck,
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