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DVD audio ?

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OK i'm gonna try and make this my last question about this stupid dvd player. Heres what i have:
2004 Armada SE 4x4(no factory dvd player)
BLAUPUNKT DVD-ME3(uninstalled)
Clarion VMA 7194 7"monitor w/IR transmitter(will be mounting it in factory bin)
Clarion WH104 IR headphones

Heres what i want to do:
Play dvd audio through the headphones only. Do i need to hook up to the factory harness(as in llajumpvids posts) for audio or can i just power every thing up, and bypass wiring it to the factory harness and still get sound? My kids will be the only ones using the system and it is really more important to me just to do a simple install(vacation is getting close). Also can i get my power by tapping into the wiring from the cig lighter/12v power in the back of the console?
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dvd player

On mine I have a panasonic after dvd/monitor. What i did was bought a cigarret lighter plug and connected it to cd player. The only thing is that when I want the kids to used it I just have to plug it in.I did these for warranty purposes. For the reason that if something goes wrong with your electrical they will try to blame it on after market stuff. already happen on my 2003 avalanche.
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