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dvd player

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I have found a stereo shop that will install my dvd player and connect it through the satellite radio harness. Will I be able to listen to a different input on the front speakers while the kids use the sat radion input for the headphones? I don't know it the sat radio will play from the rear control. I have the base bose system installed with the rear av controls. I pulled my console and could not find the factory dvd harness. Any input would be great.Thanks.
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The '05 Armada doesn't have the DVD wiring harness there...but the inputs are still on the back of the Head Unit. Search the posts and you will find a lot about wiring up an aftermarket DVD player.
Check these out for some helpful hints. I don't know if the Sat radio will play through the headphones in the back though.

Thanks for the info. I would love for the dvd to play just like the factory one,but I'm not comfortable ripping apart my new Armada. I think I'll print out the how to from the forum and take it to the shop and see if they would do it.Thanks again.
I think the Sat would play through the rear controls, but I bet it would be over the radio so you would only be able to listen to the CD or AUX. Can someone with SAT confirm?

Ask how they are connecting to the SAT. I'm curious on how that is done, if there is a adapter or some cut and splicing.

In your case they might be able to steal a few wires out of the SAT harness to plug into the back of your headunit for the DVD input.
As far as I know they ordered a plug that would plug into the sat harness. That is what they said anyway.
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