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E&G grille AND aftermarket rims for SALE!

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Selling my Grille (top and Bottom) and also selling my 18" rims, is anyone interested. Both grille and rims are in MINT condition.

Tubman, you out there! I know that you wanted my got first dibs......if you're out there and STILL want it.


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I'm selling them separately. Grille and rims are in MINT condition and there is no maintenance (normal car wash will do)'s stainless steel. E&G Grilles are good quality.

The installation is easy...I think I still have the directions. It took my husband 1/2 hour. It installs OVER the existing black plastic is a bolt on. $180 for all 4 pieces.

*** I have ANOTHER picture up...look at my first post again.***

Living in NY (and you know this 3 Black, being originally from NJ) and having to take the chrome rims off because of the winter isn't worth it to me....I have a son and one on the way....too much to think about. I'm getting rid of the grille because if I don't have chrome rims, I don't want all that chrome in the front.

I did list the price for the grille......$180 (all four pieces)
18" chrome (DIP-D10s)......$900

Thanks 3black! :D
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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