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..on me..i'm but a newbie! Hi all! I'm glad to have found this site :bow: Hopefully I can build up my '05 SE 4x4 galactik armada around indispensible info from ya'll. re:
1. ? kind of intake
2. ? kind of exhaust/ tip
3. ? kind and size of rims
4. aftermarket power folding and heated outside mirrors with turn signals
5. power liftgate
6. angel eyes
7. fog lights
8. etc etc etc :hothot:

thus far i only have the marion and davis 9" flip down screen with 2 7" headrests, wireless headsets, tv tuner and video game port. I've got me a long way and $$$ to go :crikey:

Any feedback would be helpful! Thanx for the attention!! :urock:
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Welcome! You should have no problem finding info here.
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