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Ebay OEM Chrome Rims Exchange

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I saw an ad on Ebay where you pay $500 dollars plus a $400.00 deposit to have your OEM rims exchanged for a set of chromed OEM rims with the Nissan OEM caps. The question is has anyone tried those rims and do you think the chrome paint will last? I belive they paint those rims in chrome or use another method. Bidders seem to be really satisfied based on the feedback they left. However, will they be after 2 years?
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the rims on those ebay thing are triple plated chrome they go through a process of coppper and zinc and whatever, so the finish is supposed to be good, they usually have a year warranty, so after that year who knows, I wanted to do it also but just havent yet. also I saw an auction for chrome rims with no exchage for about 600 so keep a look out that a better deal to me. also depending where you live the chrome will be subject to pitting and stuff and thats not warranty if you are where it snows
capital chrome

I think capital chrome is actually one of the people listing on ebay, but not 100%
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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