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ECU tuning special

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These guys now have an ECU tuning program. Good stuff. Adds 14 HP, 24 TQ on stock setups, 23 hp and 28 TQ with an intake.
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They don't give alot of info on the site. Looks sweet though.
Some of the Titan talk guys are looking at a group buy. These guys are callaway licensed. That's about as high up the food chain as you can get. Its like Saleen or AMG for Merc. This leads me to believe they should be pretty straight. I'll stop buy maybe in a couple weeks to get a better scoop. ;)
Group buys sounds good. Can we get more info, the site is definately vague.
No doubt...any idea on price?
armada2020 said:
any word on $$$ and the group buy?
We are pleased to announce we are a supporting vendor for the Nissan
Titan Talk Forum. Now for the BIG NEWS!
We have completed our testing and development of the Tuner!
The Black Box is customed tuned for your mods you provide info on!
Titan Talk Forums Code word for Pricing "Titan Talk Power"
For a limited introductory to Titan Forum members $419.00 w FREE SHIPPING
List price $459.00 Save $40 plus free shipping!
Call Pro Auto Tech 239 939 4649 ask for Titan Talk Power Black Box Tuning! Installs in about 15 minutes! See Dyno sheets at our web site

Also, they have found most Titans, and probably most Armadas by default, are running rich. You will probably save gas with the programing as they fix this as part of the tune. ;)
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Where'd you find your info on Titans running rich?
adjmcloon said:
Where'd you find your info on Titans running rich?
They guy who makes the ecu program said he's tested 10 and each one was running rich. He posted this as part of the tread on the flasher. I don't have any way to prove him right or wrong so I'm taking him for his word. He is however a Calloway licensed guy. Calloway is about as picky as you can get so I would tend to believe him. ;)
We have yet to Dyno a Titan with 12.8- 13.0 a/f ratio. We have done 10 so far all were rich- That why we designed the tuning black box
He's a supporting vendor for titan talk also.
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