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European owner of a 2005 Armada LE 4x4

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Well, I live in Europe, but my Armada lives in MD...

Ours is a 2005 Red Brawn LE 4x4 with all the options. Very nice car, doesn't handle too badly for its size and the engine does put a smile on my face - am definitely going to have to take the family on a road trip through the deep south next year!

Only things I'd change would be uprated brakes (I'm used to European sports cars with massive brakes), maybe slightly different shocks (they're not bad, but the low speed ride can be a touch edgy), a meatier exhaust and, in time, a touch MORE POWER!!!

Sorry, it's the prospect of 530bhp in my new daily driver - making me a bit of a megalomaniac! :)
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