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Exhaust Choices

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what's up!

i currently have the magnaflow muffler exhaust and it's "ok". i'm beginning to get sick of the loud "drone".

i'd like to find a good match for my Volant CAI. i'm interested in performance, but at the same time nothing too loud! i'm down with the deep and mean sound, but not the "ricer" sound!

Borla? Gibson? Stillen? Other?


pls chime in and give me your opinions! thanks!
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I had a Banks on my Titan and got very tired of the drone especially on the highway. I just put on a Borla on my Armada and do not have a drone. The cabin is quiet at scrusing speeds, but make a nice growl at startup or WOT. It is not nearly as agressive as the Banks, plus the duel exhaust looks so much better than the side pipe.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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