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Experience with the "brake fix"? and tires

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Well, we finally got the "hopefully" permanent brake fix. They didn't even try to give us the run around this time and admitted to the problem. (We had difficulty with our dealer in the past... they told us it was "normal' wear :mad: ). Anyway, have the new front rotors and pads...they just resurfaced the rear rotors.

I was wondering if any of you that had the "permanent" fix early on have had any more problems? Maybe it is still too early to tell? I am hoping this is the last of the brake problems, although I know on a beast this size we will go through the brakes more quickly. This is our first full size SUV, so what kind of mileage should we expect to get out of the brakes? We only got 35K on our Explorer, but I was told this was normal.

Also I was wondering if anyone has replaced the OEM Conti tires, (LE 18inch), and if they are happy with their replacement. Don't see many tires listed for the original size, and don't really want to pay for new rims. We need a good tire for snow because we spend part of the winter in the Sierras. Thanks for any advice.
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Michelin Cross Terrains are better and come in 265/70/18
Better still is the BF Goodrich in 285/65/18. They have the same outer diameter and are 1 inch wider and fit our rims. Better snow tread.
Thanks for the info on the tires TripleBlack. I will check them out.
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