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Extended warranty and VPP

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Hey guys, I just bought an 06 LE yesterday (which is awesome) but I am a little ticked off right now. I just read through the Extended Warranty thread and it appears that I got SCREWED on the warranty. I was offered 5/75k for $2340 through MPP. When I inquired about the Nissan extended warranty I was told that it was $40 more and not quite as good. The thing is, I have the VPP purchase plan and I am entitled to a discount on the warranty. The dealer told me that $2380 was my DISCOUNTED rate through Nissan!! Is there any way to confirm what Nissan charges for their extended warranties? I need to find some hard evidence for when I go and insert my size 12's up this dealers backside!!

Other than that, I love the Armada and look forward to talking with you all.


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I negotiated mine with the Finance Manager. She started out at 1895...wound up paying 1100 for 7yr / 100000 mile / 100 deductible. I think they called it the "Platinum" package.
Unfortunately, they get commission on what the car business calls "the back end". The more $ gross they negotiate, the greater the commission. Sometimes the commissions are the more you negotiate, the higher the percentage commisssion for the finance manager. With that...many of them put their own price on it. If you balk at the exorbitant price...they will come down or it will piss them off and they will feel offended that you turned it down...might sulk...or may even try to make you feel like a dumbschizen! I've seen it many times. The same goes for the fluffy interior/exterior protection package they try to sell you.
Caveat Emptor!
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