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Extended warranty and VPP

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Hey guys, I just bought an 06 LE yesterday (which is awesome) but I am a little ticked off right now. I just read through the Extended Warranty thread and it appears that I got SCREWED on the warranty. I was offered 5/75k for $2340 through MPP. When I inquired about the Nissan extended warranty I was told that it was $40 more and not quite as good. The thing is, I have the VPP purchase plan and I am entitled to a discount on the warranty. The dealer told me that $2380 was my DISCOUNTED rate through Nissan!! Is there any way to confirm what Nissan charges for their extended warranties? I need to find some hard evidence for when I go and insert my size 12's up this dealers backside!!

Other than that, I love the Armada and look forward to talking with you all.


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Good luck. Glad to see the manager stepped up. I don't have one, nor do I want one. ;)
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