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Exterior Paint - Poor paint quality?

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We bought our rig in January... Within 500 miles, I had a scuff/scratch along the rear driver's side door. It's about 4" tall and 6" long. Looks like someone had a shopping bag or purse and brushed against the truck.
By 2000 miles, I had paint chips missing on the front windshield support pillars from where the road sand/gravel (Colorado's idea of snow removal) speckled it.
By 5000 miles, I was parking as far away from the Walmart/Grocery store doors as possible, and still received deep paint scratches and dings from other driver's doors whacking the side. (Friggen jerks!)
Now, at 7000 miles, I have so many dings and scratches (one is 2.5 feet long running down the passenger side door guard), I can't stand to look at the side panels. One in particular is a deep (size of a golf ball) blue gouge. My Mada is Red Brawn so the scratches usually show up bright white.
I've taken my other trucks out wheeling, through brush, over rocks (or through rocks) and never had this problem with paint. Even our bright red Avalanche never sustained this kind of paint damage in 65000 miles and its been on some pretty nasty trails.
I haven't read of anyone else with this problem. Is it just a fluke? Is the paint of poor quality? Or am I living (moving very soon) in an area where people aim to destroy Armadas?
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I haven't heard anyone complain about it on this site yet, but my friends from the 350Z site have made lots of complaints about paint. They say that there is a great quality difference from Nissan to Infiniti. I also have some scratches that are pretty deep. I know that my Civic with an aftermarket paint job would withstand more paint damage than my Armada. I just try my best to keep my Armada out of harms way. HAHA!

I've already accepted the fact (before I bought the truck) that the Armada may need to be painted again.
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