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Factory Alarm

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Does anyone know about the ins and outs of the factory alarm? I have the one without the sensor but has an engine kill switch. My main question would be, how to make the alarm automatically arm itself when I close all doors? Is this a feature or do I have to go to the dealer and have them program it? I got use to closing the doors and after 30 seconds it will arm itself on my old Tacoma. :confused:
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I'm not sure I understand your question. When you lock the Armada with the key fob, the key or the door lock button the alarm is set and activated in about 30 seconds. Read your Manual, section 2, Security Systems.
It will not arm itself unless you do one of the three things I listed. The only time it auto locks is if you push the unlock button on the remote and don't open a door within one minute.
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