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False starting

I have experienced this exact problem on more than 10 occasions since I bought my 2017, very random occurrence, no way to recreate on your own.
I mentioned this to the dealership, on two separate occasions and were told that they couldn't get it to do it for them.
Nothing they can do.
No codes are stored when this happens.
I am thinking that if a guy is on the ball, and can record a video of it doing this, it would help, but no way of forseeing the issue occurring.
They talked to me like I was crazy when I tried to describe what occurs.
I had a hard time believing mine was the only one doing this, I guess it isn't the only one.
Kept checking in on this web page to see but it hasn't been mentioned until now.
Very worried about damage while it does this, doesn't sound good at all, lots of black smoke as well.
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