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Thanks for the response!!! I had the same exact response from the dealership, so having at least one more person with the same exact problem helps prove the issue exists. I’ve thought about attempting to record every time I start it up, but it’s a hassle to do that. My impression is unless enough people experience this as well, they won’t make any effort to troubleshoot it. You’re right though, about the concern for the motor, and in my case, the flywheel and and starter as well since my attempts to turn the motor off resulted in the starter engaging the spinning flywheel. They claimed that grinding noise wouldn’t cause any problem, of course they’d say that. But since we can’t hit the stop button to turn the motor off, I agree, it can’t be good for the motor to run that way. Mine shakes the vehicle and seems like it’s flooded and does not turn off until it literally stalls out after 15-20 seconds. Well, let’s stay in touch and share any news. Are we able to IM on this board?
We are currently having the same issue all of a sudden. We are the original owners and vehicle has 53K miles on it. We love this SUV but are getting concerned on this false start issue. This has happened to us twice in the last couple of month. Engine starts and sounds like it is running on bad pistons or something, rough and vibrates. We have to wait for the vehicle to finally stall before we can hit the button again for a clean start. Any idea of a solution yet, we are unable to replicate this at the dealer?
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