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Howdy, This concerns 2018 Armada SL which I have had just past a year now with little more than 49K.

Random meaning it could happen today and maybe not again for several days or weeks.
Happens when engine is warm.
Randomly when starting engine runs very slowly sounding like not all cylinders are firing. Runs very rough for about 20 seconds slowly dying to a stop.
Sounds like a box of rocks!
Wait a few seconds and starts with no problem.
No engine check light and dealer finds no fault codes, dealer has not been able to replicate this problem. It's been in shop several times.
Dealer found no TSBs and has sent info to Nissan but hasn't heard anything back.
A few days ago this happened again and have an appointment with dealer this Tuesday. They said they will check again for any trouble codes.
Dealer said without a code to show they have really nowhere to look.
Other wise it runs great.
A couple of months ago they found and replaced a bad Mass Air Flow Sensor.
All most, embarrassingly, I am thinking operator error. Maybe I'm not depressing brake hard enough or the press start button long enough.
But it is such a random happening can't say.
Frustrating for myself and the dealer. I have faith in dealer and dealt with them for many years.

Thanks for any input


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Here is my update on this problem.
In my case it has going on about a year.
Never knew when it might not start. Dealer never found any trouble codes. Service manger drove the truck for a week and of course it started right up every time.
I even managed to capture a short video on phone. But as service manager stated doesn't help without a trouble code.
eventually they did a battery test and found that even though it passed it was in the low end of the acceptable scale.
Had a new battery installed.
Then the service guy asked if I made many short trips, stop and go. Three or four miles to store then back home type driving.
He stated it takes driving about 10 miles to fully recharge battery and that several short trips aren't long enough to fully keep a full charge on battery.
Also there are many behind the scene features when parked that drain on the battery. Such as GPS, info for engine monitoring for starting, and instant on apps that all come on line as soon as you hit start the engine button.
Yes I do take many short trips of less than 5 or 6 miles.
Since then I try driving a little longer distances. Maybe add a few extra miles when going to store. That's ok cause wife and I love driving this thing.
It's been since April and have not had any false starts. Starts every time.
One last note, the many times I showed up at the service desk they always listened to me tried to solve this problem.
Great guys.
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