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First big snow in QX...

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well we had 26" of snow this weekend and i just had to test the did very good even with theConti's...but at one point i was stuck and i was spining the wheels with DSC off and 4wd on...i heard clicking sounds coming from the front wheels while they were this a problem?? i also have a 05 Jeep grand cherokee ltd with the hemi....that truck doesnt know what snow is,,,its great in the snow...even with the stock goodyears sr-a.

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The only clicking noise I know if is the DTSC pumping the brakes to try and give you more traction. If, however, the DTSC was off....

As far as the Jeep is concerned, I had a '99 Grand Cherokee with the V8. And, you are right, there was not much that could stop it.

(The only problem I have with Jeeps is that they tend to break. The first one I had resulted in a very noisy rear-end at highway speeds, at about 35,000 miles. The second one resulted in a banging rear-end at about 30,000 miles).
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