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First big snow in QX....

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well we had 26" of snow this weekend and i just had to test the did very good even with theConti's...but at one point i was stuck and i was spining the wheels with DSC off and 4wd on...i heard clicking sounds coming from the front wheels while they were this a problem?? i also have a 05 Jeep grand cherokee ltd with the hemi....that truck doesnt know what snow is,,,its great in the snow...even with the stock goodyears sr-a.

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That sucks that you got stuck when i went with my Qx it did great, really impressed me. By 4wd do you mean auto,4hi or 4lo?
4 hi

I just re-read your post did you manage to get out? or where you towed out?

-son of SQS
i got out on my problems...suvs are not invurnable they will get stuck... i was just concerned about the ticking sound..
hmm, do you think it was the abls system that could've made the noise?
SilverQShip said:
hmm, do you think it was the abls system that could've made the noise?

Yes that is what it is. I was alarmed at first too. It happens when you are at a sharp turn angle. The 4WD mode is really 4WD!!! Not like the "Auto"

Have you ever driven a full size P/U and had 4x4 hubs locks. It struggles in tight turns since all four wheels are trying to turn. This on the QX seems to trigger the ABS sensing a lock up. It should be fine.

I live in a condo and when I came out Sunday morning snow was plowed up the back window. I dug my way to the door. Opened the door and plowed the snow away with the door and jumped in. Sat in the truck for 20 minutes with the defrosters blazing. The I switched it to 4WD Low and did the Jeep Commercial!!!! :D

Right through and then I took and 1 hour drive just to see how this truck handles the snow. I can say it is just as good as my old ML55 with snow tires!!! And I thought that was the best snow beast around. This truck is so heavy it takes a hard fast turn to make it slide. Unstopable!!!
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first snow

Well, 26" up here in Canada is often referred to as " FLURRIES" grin....
my 04 LE with orig conti's did well this winter on and off road, incl having to go 4 kms back a woods road to rescue a friends broken artic cat sled, but this fall I will be changing sneakers.....planning on staying with the 18"'s, but goining for alot more agressive tread.
Everyone says the mudders will be noisy, so I'm going to install a 4" borland exhaust too!
Happy motoring, and BTW, up here ..'mada's well dressed start at 60K, so we're really committed!
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