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Well, you all were right.....
I definitly have brake judder. I'm going in for fix along with other items, hopefully tomorrow. They already told me on the phone not to worry about it, it will be fixed and I will be taken care of. I guess they're just going to cut to rotors and send me on my way? I already started complaining and I will do what I can to demand they order me the "new" rotors, especially since last week all three advisors (Weston, FLA) swore up and down that I have the new rotors already, lol.

This is my 3rd visit to the shop in 2600 miles.... I hope it ends soon... don't really have time to keep going back and forth...

All that said, I still love the Mada and they have been very good so far at the dealer about fixing whatever I complain about.... we will see how this brake thing goes and I will post later with results.

While I'm there getting my new cat converter installed and brake "fix", I'm also going to mention that it is not aligned correctly because it does seem to drift to one side... do you guys remember having a problems with alignments? Should I demand an alignment be done too?? How can the alignment even be off with only 2600 miles? lol

my last car, infiniti FX35 I had for 43000 miles and it never had a single problem.... I changed the only (synthetic) about 4 times and it never saw a mechanic other than that... I thought Infiniti and Nissan were kinda the same people... why so many problems already with the Mada?? Not to mention, an '05. Is this going to be an ongoing thing, back and forth to the dealer every 2 weeks?? :(
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