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Fixed interior scratches-it worked!

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I used a heat gun. Heated the area where the scratch was. Now keep in mind the scratch was only a discoloration and not a grove. Using the heat gun I fanned over the area heat/no heat a second on and a second off until the scratch disappeared. Did this on multiple scratches on the interior plastic that have been bugging me. These were on the soft parts, not had dash parts. Worked great. The plastic starts to soften and the scratch fades.

WARNING I haven't done it because I've been careful. If you aren't very careful you could melt or even burn the plastic. Take your time. You can always heat it up more, but can't undo too much. Don't try to overdue it and end up with something worse than what you started with. Again, I did this only on surface scratches where the plastic became lighter in color compared to surrounding plastic.

Good luck!
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there is no way I can do that, and becareful? I probably set the car a blaze :machinegu
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