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FM Modulator or Not??

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Is there an after market DVD system out there that does not use an FM Modulator to plugin to the stock system?

I would think there would be some company out there that does sense the Stock Factory system doesnt use one.
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I just installed a 7inch monitor and Blaupunkt DVD/TV in my 2005. I simply tapped into the rear of the AUX plug on the dash. I did this by stripping a set of RCA's, matching the grounds together and soldering this to the center (black) coming out of the aux. plug. And then soldering the signal wires to the appropriate wires coming out of the aux. plug. YES, it is not nearly as loud as the stereo... But in all honesty its plenty loud for me. I MAY install one of the amplifiers later, but not sure.
The most fun was taking apart the overhead bin and fiberglassing in the bezel for the monitor. It now looks like a completely stock unit. The monitor I used was a Soundstream 7 inch wide that I bought brand new for $125. The DVD/TV was on sale also for $99. Cables were another $35. And it took all of about three hours to install. I will post pics if people are interested...
I checked the link here for the DVD harness and I do not have the harness plug under the shifter assemebly and didnt know where to tap into behind the stereo.
My steering wheel controls do work for volume, and so do the controls in the rear...
Here are some pics of the finished product... I did not take any pics along the way because I was under a rather tight schedule and working alone.
The first pic is of the overhead. As I said, I used fiberglass and bondo to mold the monitors bezel into the factory pocket. I just didnt like the small gap around the outside or the angle at which the monitor had to be mounted if not doing this. With this done, the monitor is mounted flush with the pocket and angled perfectly to the rear. After I was done, I used a flat black textured paint to paint the monitor surround, the bezel and the inside of the pocket. From the outside it is factory, once opened everything is flat black and matching.
The second pic is of the simple install of the DVD player. I didnt spend alot of time here, but it works well and is very easy to get to. The remote sensor for the dvd is mounted on the round aux. circle pop-out thingy just left of the stereo surround.
Enjoy, I can answer any questions... AND for those who felt they had to run the monitor wires to the front of the cabin or to under a seat... YOUR WRONG. There are wires inside the overhead that can be tapped to give acc. power.
PS: the rear controls work, and so do the wireless headphones!!!

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1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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