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For those with Factory DVD entertainment system

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If any of you have the factory DVD entertainment system, here is a little tip:

It will also play audio CD's, without having to flip down the screen. Simply insert an audio CD, into the center console DVD drive, and cycle through the modes using the steering wheel controls, or the dash controls. The mentioned controls will allow you to skip from song to song.

In effect it gives you the option to play 7 CD's instead of 6. Not the biggest deal, but still kind of neat, and it's an option for your rear passengers if they want their own CD, to be played through the wireless headsets.

I have an 05, with DVD Navigation, and the DVD entertainment package , and my 6 disc head unit will not play MP3's, like the 2006 model will.

So, I tried a CD-R with MP3's in the " center console DVD" player, with no luck.

I also tried a DVD filled with Mp3's but no luck, either.

I have a feeling that the DVD player will play an uncompressed format, so it might be good for 4 CD's worth. I have not tried it, yet. But, I'll give it a try.

Has anyone tried this, before test out my theory, what about the double layered 8 GB DVD discs?

I'm happy with my 60 gb video IPOD which is perfect, I just wish there was an interface, that worked with the steering wheel controls, or the factory display.

I also wish you could replace the factory head unit without screwing up the DVD navigation system's voice, and display. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

But, I'm curious if anyone has had luck with getting a music DVD to play on the factory DVD player that comes with the entertainment system.
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I use it for my PS-2. This way they can play games, dvd, or CDs and change everything themselves. ;)
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