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FREAKMONT VII May 13th - 12pm

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It's back. Lets make this the biggest one yet. Last year was rather Z heavy with some various support of other models. This year we want to see a wide variety of models ranging from old datsuns to classic nissans to styling Infinitis showing there ride and enjoying great food. Lets get the Armada out there this year.

Click on the pic above for more info and to RSVP to let us know who's bringing what.

You got a month and half to do what you need to be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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TAP TAP TAP... is this thing on?

It would be great to see an amazing line of Armada's rolling into this event. This is one the NorCal biggest Nissan gatherings around. Past years have been promoted to the 'cars' and the Trucks and SUV's were just forgotten. How could we forgot our BIG brothers of the community. I've only heard about the numbers that showed in Elk Grove a few months back. It would be an honor to see those people come to Fremont this year.
Hey everyone!

I can vouch for the Freakmont events (Team-Driven does a fantastic job, it's one of the most anticipated events each year) ... they are very enjoyable ... great group of "enthusiasts".

FYI .. this event is about Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti (the makeup of Team-Driven) .. I'm a member w/both by "Z" and my "Armada" ...

If you're in the area .. or plan to be .. you owe it to yourself to check it out!
No Armada's? What about all of those that showed up in Elk Grove eh?

Come on, you will miss out on a great event if not.
Just the typical BUMP. :)
Uh.. still no Armada's coming?
Caravans: If you haven't found it yet on the Freakmont site there is a caravan page.

What I need is if there is any other caravan not listed please email me at [email protected] in the following format:

Name of caravan group (area, club, etc.)
Meet up location:
Time to arrive:
Time of Pullout(depart):


FYI we have currently over 120 registered.
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THANK YOU EVERYONE. With out you being there and enjoying the time bringing the food and cars and being safe and keeping things low key this event would not have been a success. THANK YOU.

For pictures just click on the picture in the first post or just go to.

If you have any pictures please send them to me at [email protected] or [email protected]
I am able to host them all.

Everyone of you all are the best. THANKS.
deleted .. DOH??

I posted information "here" that belonged in another thread ...
Uh. quiz? I think you posted in the wrong thread.
LOL ... I guess I did!

Link to event pics ...

No Titans or Armadas .. but gives you a flavor .. maybe some will make it next year ..??
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