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Your company is making a big mistake by offering a "black satin finish" brush guard. Nissan already offers a very satisfactory brush guard with a powder-coated black finish. If I'd wanted a grill guard in black finish, I would have ordered Nissan's grill guard at cost[/] from the dealership's part department on the same day I bought my Armada. The reason why I didn't make that order was because I felt the black finish diminished the appearance of my Nissan. (It might look good on the chromeless front end of a gray or black Titan XE, but it would look horrilbe on the Armada or upmarket Titans.)

What the Armada/Titan needs is a grill guard with a bright polished stainless or chromed finish. I'm talking about something akin to the polished grill guard that GM offered as an accessory of pre-2003 GMT-800 fullsized pickups and SUVs.

If ARK offers a grill guard with a bright polished stainless or chromed finish, they'll get my business.. Someone needs to fill this niche and sooner-or-later someone will.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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