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Weezr - I also see a lot more female Armada drivers than males. I know my husband bought the Armada so that I could cart the kids around safely... yet in style. :) When we first bought the Armada, there were not many people that had one. The few of us that did, would always smile at each other. Now, it seems there are a lot more on the road, and no one really does the courtesy smile or wave these days. I mentioned once in another thread that there is this one lady that drives a QX46 in my neighborhood. It is the exact same color as my Armada (silver). She has the same grill on hers too. Anyway, she always STARES at us when we drive by. Not just a little stare, but a full on turn your head stare. I always joke with my hubby that she must like me or something.... but I know that she is probably just wondering why she spent the extra $10,000 for her QX56 when she sees how nice the Armada is! :) Ha Ha :p
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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