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92TripleBlack said:
Buying the invisible mask as a do it yourself is like buying window tint rolls and trying to do it. Doesn't work. Clear bra type products are best left to the pros who guarantee their work. I'm looking to do one myself. I think the one you want is made by 3M and many of the others are cheap copies that yellow and don't work well. ;)
Yupp, I agree....I have the 3M clear bra on three of my cars and love it. Leather front bra's SUCK balls unless you like damaging your car finish. First off they look cheap and straight from the 80's, and not only that but they tend to trap small dirt particles and debris which turns the bra into a large piece of sandpaper (great for your paint). And to prevent that from happening you will have to remove the entire bra every time you wash your car and make sure you clean the bra and the car well before installing it back on. But it's your car and what pleases you best. Just throwing in my 2 cents. :D
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