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dkerns said:
While experiencing virtually every problem discussed in this forum I have one that I have not noticed discussed yet. I have a loud popping/creaking noise coming from the front end of my vehicle. It is most noticeable when the wheels are turned and I am going over uneven payment. Another example would be backing out of my driveway, the wheels are turned and as it makes the small drop from my drive way to the road surface it make this noise. I can even feel it in the brake pedal at times. I searched the Titan Web site and did find a reference to the tie rod ends making a noise, but my dealer says they are fine. Of course they cannot duplicate the noise during their test drives, even though I have duplicated it with them in the vehicle. I have gone to battle several times with my dealer to get repairs done with the knowledge I have gained from this forum. Any thoughts on this problem that I might use to get this issue resolved? Thanks for the help.

I have the same problem, noticed mostly on speed bumps with a slight turn of the tires. The first BS answer I've been given is to use silicone spray for the urethane bushings....ha-ha-ha.... silicone and duct tape will keep her runnin' good!!!!! No solution yet...but I am hoping for a good discussion on this forum.
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