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I have the same creaking noise coming from (sounds like from the suspension area). Almost every time I pull into my drive way from the street it makes this noise. My drive way is inclined by the way. The wheel is turned right or left when this happens. I am going to bring this up at my next service. But it sounds as if the dealer is not too concerned to fix this problem after reading other owners outcomes. What can we do to have this corrected? A New $40,000 SUV should not sound like it’s going to fall apart when it’s going up the side of a hill….let alone a drive way or a speed bump. :confused:

I am a very detailed person. I seem to notice almost everything. Every time I drive my Armada I start the car and drive the car with no other noises to distract me from hearing unfamiliar sounds. The dealer seems to be blind to a lot of complaints that customers have.
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