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Front right bumper cover

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Errgh! Some one backed into my Mada and clipped the right( passenger side) bumper cover. Actually put a small dent in my crome center piece, and the Bumper cover( where the fog light mounts) actually came loose. It appears the push clips that hold it on were broken in the impact. I used 100 mile an hour tape to hold in place till I get to the dealer and find out how much this will cost me to repair. It also looks like that side of the metal bumper has been pushed in just slightly as the small trim piece under the head light is pooched out a bit.
It really irks me that people cant park with out hitting your vehicle. One more thing that grips my cheeks is that they didnt even leave a note. Some times I wish i had a 8" steel pipe bumper so I wont be the victom of the lunatic fringe.
Im just waiting to see what this will cost me?????:damn:
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I know the feeling!

I try to stay away from folks in parking lots, but they seem to want to park right up my a$$. Ding after ding. They need a good swift Kick!
Armadaof1 said:
This might be what you're looking for...if it's good enough for the Highway patrol and FBI to clear a road, it should be good for the occasional road rage in the parking lot. I don't see an Armada/Titan application, but I'm sure you could be the test bed for all of us.
I like the Reunel Chrome. Wish they did have it for the Armada!
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