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Front window Problems

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Front windows sometimes do not go up, also when i hit them to go down they hop then go down. Anyone notice this.
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The automatic up/down feature of the front windows is based on something like a circuit breaker that stops the motor when a certain amount of resistance is met. This "breaker" is also tripped sometimes when the window first starts moving. Try starting the window up without pulling/pushing the switch past the auto-detent (the slight click you feel when it goes to auto up or auto down) - then push/pull it all the way. Should work fine.

If it ever does stall on you, wait a second then try again. The system should reset itself almost instantaneously.
Going into the dealer for a couple other issues (rear window growling on the way up/booming in cabin/brake warp), I'll add this to the list.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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