This Borla catback is listed for the Y62 Patrol (AUS) but this bolts on the current Z62 QX56/80 and Y62 Armada.

The GOOD: less than 800 miles, full 304 SS and bolts on without any modifications. All original hardware is included for east bolt on, clamp down installation.

The BAD: Exhaust resonance is subjective but for myself personally, I realized I had gotten used to the much quieter, modified aFe catback I’ve had for years. I decided to throw that back on.
The Borla currently has a deep and throaty resonance to it. Startup still yells Borla and that it isn’t stock.

The UGLY: I had it modified by removing the secondary muffler and resonator and replaced them with Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonators. I had this done to remove some of the faint raspiness I was hearing when ramping up the rpms and tone down the throaty growl. Unfortunately, still didn’t do it for me.

Due to its size and weight, local pickup only in NYC/Queens/LI/Northern NJ.


*I’ll update the listing with pics by this weekend.