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Hi everybody I am a very active member on ClubTitan and got the OK from M4ck to make these for you folks if you are interested. I use the same username, for those that know me, I like to come up with new ideas. I had made a set for myself, and founf people were interested in not having to buy the pricey filters at every change.

Here is some info about the type of filter:

Constructed with three layers of washable filtration media. This media can be washed hundreds of times without diminishing the electrostatic qualities of the filter.

Designed to last a lifetime. You should never have to replace it. In addition to using quality, high endurance, high efficiency filtration media, each of our filters are constructed with extruded aluminum frames. These frames are resistant to corrosion, provide superior strength, and will not warp due to heat. All of our electrostatic air filters come with a lifetime warranty.

High Efficiency
Electrostatic air filters have advanced significantly in the last ten years. Now they are extremely efficient, with ratings up to 95%. This means they filter 95% of the particles that pass through them. Compare that to the 5%-10% that is achieved with typical disposable fiberglass filters.

Low Resistance
Resistance refers to how hard your HVAC system has to work to pull air through your filter. The lower the number, usually expressed as decimal such as .12, is more desirable. Our air filters produce resistance in the .08 range. This means your HVAC systems runs easier.

• Lifetime Warranty
• 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
• Anti-Microbial Media Core
• Gold-anodized Aluminum Frame
• Three Layers of Filtration Media

• 81% Peak Arrestance
• 78% Average Arrestance
• .08" Initial Resistance at 1200 CFM
I have one of these filters in my house, and it does pull so much dust out of the air I rarely have to dust. Since my husband does HVAC he would only let me use excellent quality for our home.

So here is the deal I have made this wonderful filter into 2 filters perfectly sized to the Titan Air Box, and wanted to make them for those who have not the time or materials. This is the last filter you would have to buy, as it washes clean with a hose. See below for the maintenance instructions.

Filter Maintenance

Our electrostatic air filters require very little maintenance. The only maintenance required is cleaning every 30-60 days. How often you have to clean your filter will depend on how dirty the environment is and how much the filter is being used.

Cleaning Your Electrostatic Air Filter

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any heavy buildup of dust and lint that may have accumulated.

2. Lay the filter flat and spray it with a cleaning detergent(409, Fantastic, Rugged Red, Ivory Liquid, etc.) on one side and then the other until the filter is soaked with the detergent. The amount of detergent required will be dependent upon the amount and type of pollutants held in the filter.

3. Lay the filter with the "wash" arrow , or dirtiest side, down or prop at angle against fence or outside wall and flush the detergent from the filter using a garden hose with a nozzle set at the high pressure setting. If laying flat, a 1" or 2" object should be placed under one side of the filter frame to allow room for the water and dirt to escape. Turn the filter over and repeat the same procedure.

4. Perform steps 2 and 3 until the filter is clean. If the filter is extremely soiled, it may be more convenient to use a car wash facility to remove all embedded dirt from the filter. Always lay the filter flat when using high pressure water for cleaning.

5. Shake excess water out of the filter and allow it to drip dry to the extent that it can be carried without dripping water.

IMPORTANT: Your filter should be cleaned regularly to maintain maximum air flow in the system.
I have have only ran the hose over mine and worked great.

And the part you have all been waiting for:

I figured $55.00 shipped would cover my time and material, and still give a great deal to you guys. That would include 2-4x9 filters. Considering the Nissan filter is $29.99 this would pay for itself in 2 changes.

If interested please PM me and I can give you paypal information or mailing info. Most know me, but for those that do not you can check my ebay feedback (username: jaysplaypen) I have a perfect sellers history. The only negative I have is from some guy who cheated me, and when paypal gave me my money back he left a negative for me.

If you are doing paypal, let me know which payment method you want to use and I will give you the appropriate account info, as I have one business account for credit cards, and a personal account for non-credit cards.

As for shipping it is included in the price, and I will get it out in the mail within 1 day. You will receive an email with tracking number when it is shipped.

If you have any questions let me know!


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Anyone buy one of these? I checked on the Club Titan board and people there seem to be quite happy with them.


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No, nobody from the mada group has gotten in on this yet, but I can make them for you in no time if you want them. I have worked out alot of the kinks with the one I have done so far. So let me know. I have been consistently getting them in the mail same day, or next morning. They are sent Priority mail so you get them really fast also.
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