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Fuel Injectors Wet

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I have just under 2K miles and was glancing under the hood and noticed a couple things that it is going into the Dealer for.

1. Coolant stains all over the top of the engine which I noticed right after I purchased the vehicle and cleaned but they are back - appears the radiator cap is leaking.

2. shining my flash light down by the fuel rail and fuel injectors I noticed the drivers side is about 90% wet looking from the front of the engine to the back and the passenger side is dry except right around the base of the injectors. know mind you I don't mean wet like soaked but rather just damp looking not sure if it is anything to be concerned about but hey I'm a perfectionist especialy at the price I paid for this baby!

Any one else have similar findings?
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There have been problems with coolant leakage from the hose that runs to the overflow bottle. The clamp on the hose at the radiator isn't holding. Unlike most systems this hose and the overflow bottle are under full coolant system pressure. Also there have been some defective radiator caps.
Is the wetness on the injectors fuel or coolant?
Have your dealer take care of both problems under warranty.
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