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Full Gold Nissan Warranty

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A 7yr, 100,000 mile Full Gold Nissan warranty retails for $2780.
My Price is $2,115.

The price is from the sale person that I bought the Armada from. Is this a good price? I never thought I would buy an extended warranty. I always advice friends and relatives not to buy. But here I am coming close to buy one. After all this is the Armada.

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Got mine for less

I paid Invoice for my mada and $1695 for full 0 deduc 5yr/100K warranty (figured I would have at least 100K miles in 5 years if not more so why pay for the extra 7yr)

I paid $1700 for the Gold plus warranty 7 yr/100,000mi
I paid $1300 for the gold preferred 7/70 $50ded.

Did any of you guys buy the warranty AFTER buying the car?

No, I bought when I bought the truck
I just paid $1395 for the Gold warranty on my 04 armada for 6yr/75,000
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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