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Not that it may concern most but the Pathfinder has a serious omission in the towing ratings.

For towing, the ratings are 6000 lbs/ 600 lbs tongue weight for a weight carrying hitch.

Now nissan recommends using a weight distribution hitch when the tongue weight of the trailer is to heavy for the Pathfinder or to use when using strict class 3 rated tow equipment as Nissan provides. That being a ball carrying hitch that's only rated for 5000 lbs/ 500 lbs tongue weight. The fact is that most towing equipment doesn't adhere to class rating anymore but their actual capacity. My hidden hitch and reese weight carrying ball and ball mount are both rated at 6000 lbs/ 600 lbs tongue weight. Right were the Pathfinder's ratings are.

Unfortunately they give us no clue to what the weight distribution hitch maximum tongue weight limit is as most travel trailers have between 13% and 15% tongue weight meaning a tongue weight of 900 lbs. This is fine when using a standard class 3 or 4 weight distribution hitch as most are rated at 10000 lbs/ 1000 lbs tongue weight when used in distribution mode (not weight carrying).

Nissan won't respond to emails and really had no information to give to my dealer, who they recommend for technical questions. The dealer stated he called a specialized hitch dealer and they state for a 5000 lbs trailer, 750 lbs max weight distribution but said it really depends on the trailer. So a 6000 lbs trailer would obviously be beyond that 750 lbs. The hitch dealer told the dealer there really is no strict ratings concerning the Pathfinder when weight distribution was concerned.

So going by the tow manual and owner's manual, as long as you don't exceed the max 15% tongue weight of the trailer being pulled (max 6000 lbs for Pathfinder) and don't exceed GAWRs or GVWR, we should all be in compliance.

Also with the Armada and Titan, they have the same statements and no WDH limits for vehicles not equipped with the Big Tow packages. They only offer WDH ratings for the Big Tow, because it's required for the much heavier trailer weight. The Xterra's manual also recommends the use of a WDH for tongue weights that are to heavy. Once again, no WDH tongue weight rating.

As a side note the Dodge Durango I looked at also gave no max tongue weight rating for anything. It just said not to exceed the GAWR and GVWR and to stay within that 15% tongue weight also.

Anyone else have anything to add??

Have a good one.
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