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Fuse listing and description of fuse box?

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I just picked up my new '06 SE OR Black with Black int. I am looking to install my own DVD and audio system, but after reading the owners manual, there is no listing of which fuse does what either in the cabin or under the hood? Where do we find this information out? I just traded in my '98 F-150 Lariat stepside Extended Cab 4X4 for this Armada and am very happy with the Nissan. We'll see how things go... So far at 60 miles on the ODO everything is working!!! :D
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Here are 3 items on fuse block, system description and terminal schem. This is for an '05 model.


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You're welcome! If you need more info on power supply, ground circuit elements, audio, and visual, just send me an e-mail. I will send two files in PDF. One file is 3 Mbyte and the other is 8Mbyte (Winzip). But make sure your email can accept up to 10 Mbyte.

Are you going to take your Armada to the dealer for rear rotor and climate control issues? Nissan gave me a brake update for the front.

BTW, you got a nice ride in the SE OR package.
ntheyer said:
Sorry for the delay in replying. We just got home in chicago this afternoon. 3600 Miles on the ODO now. 12 MPG almost no matter what for the whole trip. Do the math on gas, somewhere around $1600 including boat gas, but the power is fantastic! It really towed wonderfully. I have an appointment set up for the oil change and rotors. The climate control issue never happened again, so we'll wait to address that.

I also ran into a trailer wiring issue; Do you have just a listing of all of the fuses and what they are for? I am surprised Nissan does not have this in the owners manual or service manual? I am wondering what fuses handle what.


I just sent you a PM.
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