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Fubeca said:
Can someone help me out on how to program the Rear view mirror garage door opener, PLEASE!!???
Don't have the manual. Its a homelink. I did it on the Infiniti with the manual directions. Took 30 seconds. I haven't done it in a couple years as now my cats use the garage for their litter box. They are house cats so I open it manually after they are verified in the house and the door is closed. ;)

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They have it online. Here you go.

1. To begin, press and hold the two outer
HomeLinkT buttons (to clear the memory)
until the indicator light s1 blinks (after 20
seconds). Release both buttons.
2. Position the end of the hand-held transmitter
1 - 3 inches (26 - 76 mm) away from the
HomeLinkT surface.
3. Using both hands, simultaneously press and
hold both the HomeLinkT button you want to
program and the hand-held transmitter button.
DO NOT release the buttons until step 4 has
been completed.
4. Hold down both buttons until the indicator
light on the HomeLinkT flashes, changing
from a “slow blink” to a “rapidly flashing
blink”. This could take up to 90 seconds.
When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both
buttons may be released. The rapidly flashing
light indicates successful programming.
To activate the garage door or other programmed
device, press and hold the programmed
HomeLinkT button — releasing
when the device begins to activate.
5. If the indicator light on the HomeLinkT blinks
rapidly for 2 seconds and then turns solid,
HomeLinkT has picked up a “rolling code”
garage door opener signal. You will need to
proceed with the next steps to train the
HomeLinkT to complete the programming
which may require a ladder and another person
for convenience.
6. Press and release the “smart” or “learn” program
button located on the garage door
opener’s motor to activate the “training
mode”. This button is usually located near
the antenna wire that hangs down from the
motor. If the wire originates from under a
light lens, you will need to remove the lens to
access the program button.
Once you have pressed and released the
program button on the garage door opener
’s motor and the “training light” is lit, you
have 30 seconds in which to perform step 7.
Use the help of a second person for convenience
to assist when performing this step.
7. Within 30 seconds of pressing and releasing
the garage door opener program button,
quickly and firmly press and release the
HomeLinkT button you’ve just programmed.
Press and release the HomeLinkT button up
to 3 times to complete the training.
8. Your HomeLinkT button should now be programmed.
(To program the remaining
HomeLinkT buttons for additional door or
gate openers, follow steps 2-8 only.)
Do not repeat step 1 unless you want to
“clear” all previously programmed
HomeLinkT buttons.
If you have any questions or are having difficulty
programming your HomeLinkT buttons, refer to
the HomeLinkT web site at:
or call 1-800-355-3515.

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It worked for me exactly as described in previous post. I do have a floating code on my garage, but i was able to do it quickly enough so one person is OK, but for your convenience is better have two. It is the matter of finding the red knob on your door opener. It just takes definitely longer to push the button on the rearview mirror as original remote that came with the door.
Good luck
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