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Glove Box light on when door closed

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My glove box light box is continuously on with the Armade running; it does goes off when you turn the ignition off. Is the light supposed to be on all the time?
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Mine is on too.
I keep picturing that Honda commercial where the guy is slowly closing his trunk and trying to see if the light is going off...Heheheh..

Mine stays on as well...but as best i can tell, it is supposed to. I looked to find a switch but couldn't.
After checking with the dealer they say the light is on all the time when the truck is started(driving), Seems strange to me any other Vehicle I have had the light does go off, go figure?
The glovebox light comes on when you turn on your parking lights or headlights. Any time the dash lights are on it will be on.
And I thought it was just me. Wife says ask your "Mada Buddies" why the light stays on when the glovebox is closed.

:urock: This is why I like this forum so much. Able to answer the question before it gets asked,,,,you guys are smart.:D
Tien said:
I didn't even know we had that ;)
I never thought to look.
The light remais on with the delay of the headllights turning off.
Thats retarded.. Someone noticed that from the back seat the other night.. she goes, "I think your glove box is open, your light is on" and I said no... its closed.. and then she says.. How does it not kill your battery?? Thats when I turned my music up and rolled my eyes..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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