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Going in for the "permanent" fix (again)

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So today's the day y'all. Nissan is sending a field engineer to put the permanent brake parts on my ride. This will be my 7th set of brakes in a year a 4 months. The last time (when my ride was in for 2 weeks) they supposedly sent down the permanent parts and installed them, but somehow 2k miles later they were warped again. So this time the Nissan arbitrator (who has been fairly helpful, by the way) lined up a field engineer to come down and make sure that the parts get installed. Also they're going to fix my window rattles.

I'll let you know how it goes. Anything y'all want me to ask this guy while I can talk to him? According to the dealer (a different one, by the way than I bought from) this guy is supposed to be very sharp.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, to have a rattle free and smooth stopping SUV- I can't wait!
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So I picked her up today. The brakes feel great for now (actually better than ever) but time will tell.

I also got my Infiniti center console piece in and installed it. They come in graphite and willow (willow being that very light tanish color) so I went with graphite. It's darker than my steel interior, but it's grey enough and it's on the center console so it doesn't look bad. I'll post a pic in a few when the wifey gets back from running errands.
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