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Goodyear Tire Update

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I recently had service done on my Armada. The dealership told me that my Stock GoodYear Wranglers had very little tread life left after only 14,500 miles. I contacted GoodYear Corporate in Akron and lodged my concerns, stating that these tires should last me at least 35,000 miles if not a bit more. GoodYear directed me to see a local GoodYear tire store and set me up with a visit to one of their General Managers. He checked ou tmy tires and agreed that the wear was abnormal. After he contacted GoodYear corporate they prorated the tires. GoodYear Sells the SR/A Wranglers for about $180 a tires before mounting and balancing. I was quoted $413 and some change for new SR/A Wranglers complete including a road hazard package. So if you have Goodyear WRangler SR/A's on your Mada and are not satisfied with the tread wear I suggest you contact Good Year Corporate via the GoodYear Web site and do what I did to get some action.
Im not really thrilled with putting Wranglers back on my Armada, in fact, i'd much rather put Bridgestone Revo's on my stock rims, but saving more than $400 with GoodYears proration I dont think I can pass this one up for new shoes for my baby.
P.S. I have rotated my stock tires per the nissan service schedule wihich is every 7500 miles. I think i wil try and rotate more often with my new tires, that is if they get them into the store soon. Seems they are out of stock and dont know when they might get them into the store.
I wish I would have know more about the lack of replacment 18" tires for the Armada, if so I would have opeted for the off road package with the 17" tires to get more options at replacment time.
Hope this helps some of you looking for tires for the beast.
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92TripleBlack said:
They don't make Revos to fit Madas.
I got my wheel/tire combo because of the lack of good 18" tires.
The BFG All Terrain T/A in 285-65-18 is a good alternative if you want a good A/T tire. I wanted larger width and diameter, so I had to go to 20s. ;)

I think they make REVOs that fit now.
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