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Got Big Blue

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Hey guys
its kinda funny we went to the dealer about a month ago and were looking at the pathfinders, because we did some online research and thought the Armada's were just a little to pricey... Well we test drove the pathfinder and liked it. We were walking back into the dealership and noticed the prices were only about a thousand more so we test drove one. We just took home our 06 SE lastnight and love it to death. I have been looking at some of ya'lls pics and have to say right on. I already have plans on ordering a cold air induction. but i have a question to those of you that might know.... Mine didnt come with the Fog lights but i notice the cut outs for it and i notice that my turn signal has the markings for them. i figure that nissan wired for it, but has anyone installed any and is it just a matter of buying them and plugging them in or will i have to put in a new switch? does anyone have any suggestions on a cold air intake? I dot see many models out there and just figured i could do it myself if i had too...

Thanks i will have pic of Big Blue up shortly

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SCR is right, I had the same stalk as yours, when I added the fog lights the stalk that came with it has the fog light ring on it:cool:
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