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Got Big Blue

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Hey guys
its kinda funny we went to the dealer about a month ago and were looking at the pathfinders, because we did some online research and thought the Armada's were just a little to pricey... Well we test drove the pathfinder and liked it. We were walking back into the dealership and noticed the prices were only about a thousand more so we test drove one. We just took home our 06 SE lastnight and love it to death. I have been looking at some of ya'lls pics and have to say right on. I already have plans on ordering a cold air induction. but i have a question to those of you that might know.... Mine didnt come with the Fog lights but i notice the cut outs for it and i notice that my turn signal has the markings for them. i figure that nissan wired for it, but has anyone installed any and is it just a matter of buying them and plugging them in or will i have to put in a new switch? does anyone have any suggestions on a cold air intake? I dot see many models out there and just figured i could do it myself if i had too...

Thanks i will have pic of Big Blue up shortly

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You can buy the fog light kit from one of our sponsers; look in that section. The kit is very easy to install, takes only about 20 minutes. It comes with a new switch stalk; everything just plugs in.
The fog light switch is a separate "ring" on the stalk. The positions you see your current light switch are:
1. Off
2. Auto
3. Parking lights
4. On (manual headlights)
The fog lights (and most other things) are controlled through the Body Control Module. The switches carry very low voltage and current; they are just inputs to the BCM. The BCM outputs to relays that control the lights. You can connect other lights to the wiring so long as you don't exceed the fused rating of the circuit.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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