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Happy Armada owner

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Traded a '95 Pathfinder XE 4x4 (130,000 miles )that I bought used in '97 (26,000 miles)for an '05 SE 4x4 in September. It's a basic model, only options are Tow Package, Floor Mats, Cargo Mat, Microfilter. That seemed to be the most popular package for SE's. Would've loved to get leather & NAV, but couldn't afford it. May get an aftermarket NAV.

Have added Nissan bug deflector & like the look. Also had a JL Audio 12w3 with Total Mobile Audio 340x1 amp installed. Might be too much! Neither of these show in the pics, but I'll try to get some taken & post those.

Problems I've had so far (6,000 + miles). Noticed 2nd day, that the wheels didn't all match. Yes, LE rims on front, SE rims on back...dealership put matching LE rims on back & also fixed a small dent I had missed during pick up inspection. Had the brake shudder & window rattle problems, both were fixed, and the brakes were upgraded (rotors, new pads & something else). Have issue with Tire Pressure Warning light coming on whenever I travel over 30 miles on highway. Turn engine off, & back on, light stays off (for another 30 miles anyway). Had dealer look at this on the same visit as brakes & windows. Said they saw the codes & deleted them. Well, did they actually fix anything? Apparently not as it's still happening.

More info is available on my personal website: . I try to update it, but I've gotten behind.

If you see me driving around the East Bay/Tri-Valley, give a honk & wave! (I'll be on the lookout for 'ya SilverQShip).

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casinojames said:
Welcome!! Would love to see some pics of your audio set up!!

I'll try to get those pics of the audio system, and bug deflector taken & posted this weekend, both here & on my personal site . Blair's Armada Page
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