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have been wondering,,,

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i just did a xcountry move, form fl to wa ,,

right before i moved i bought a 06 le, everything 'cept 4x4.

no i am thinking that i shoul dhave gotten the 4x4, but the option wasn't availible to me at the time ,, (reason i would go into , but will wait till later)

well being up here i have noticed a bit of difference in the climate, road conditions ,,,etc.. which is to be expected,,,

well,,,, now when i look around , and drive i wishes that i had bought 4x4, or i wanting too,,

got off the phone with a dealer near by,, they said they would do a one for one trade for my le with another le , but no nav,dvd,rear camera, and maybe a few other optionsi can;t think of atm, i think i would have to lose the second seat bench , which i do not want to do ,,,,

or should i trade-up , if i can find the model/option and the dealer willing,, or would it even be worth it??

i dont want to go after market 4x4, i would void the warranty ,, which i do not want to do

i dont care about the so called loss of gas milage when gaing 4x4 ,, lol,, if i would have been considering gas milage ,, i would have gotten a echo,, lol,,

anyone here think that this is a good idea or not??

wished i would have taken a little bit more time during the intial purchase, and had gotten 4x4..... errrgh,,,

thanks for any suggestion and comments,,

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How much were they trying to give you for trade? I'm guessing you will loose $7k-$8k (or about 20% of what you paid new).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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