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Hello Everyone..

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Hey guys,

I like to first say this website has been a fountain of knowledge for me. I've been keeping quiet and reading posts to soak up on all the information.

I will definitely post some pictures after I install the stainless steel brillet grill I ordered from ebay.

After driving my new 2005 Smoked LE, I've noticed some awesome features and some not so awesome features. For instance, there is no way to turn off the A/C with just a touch of a button, instead you have to decrease the fan speed all the way to none. Just like any new car, there are some inconvenient bugs. :) (Unless I am just stupid and didn't read it in the manual)

Have you guys notice any other cool features? or features that the Armada should have? I like to compile a list and send it to Nissan for future tweaking on the 07 models!! haha :1245:

Anyways, pictures are coming! been too busy moving..... Moving is a bitch btw!
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Welcome! That's funny. I had the exact same thought about the AC control whan I first got my Armada. Good luck with the move.
push the ac button on the right, that will shut it off
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